“One of Fresno’s best Property Management teams! The team is always friendly and willing to help our tenants when issues arise. I have never had a problem with having any work done to my rentals.” – D.U.

“What can I say, other than they are a supper efficient team of people. A&A Property Management team handles our tenants beautifully! I do not have to worry about collecting rents, or repairs. I never deal with any problem that come up. Their bookkeeping and accounting skills are fabulous. All the banking is handled for me, and a detailed report on each property is sent to me monthly. The best management company ever!” – F.G.

“We have used A&A Property Management since their inception. They use state of the art software to keep track of all transactions, which is easily accessed by authorized persons only. If any problems arise with our properties, or a concern with a tenant, we are notified immediately. They respond quickly,efficiently, and professionally! We are always kept in the loop. We are very pleased to be able to use them, and would rate them 5 stars.” – K.Y.

“My name is Poornima, I have been with A&A Property Management for almost 5 years now. They are very nice group of people to work with. They are efficient, and address issues effectively. We are very happy with them, and we know we will have a long relationship with them as well!”

“My family and I own several rental properties in Fresno/Clovis. A&A Property Management over sees all of them. They have always taken care of us, as well as the properties. They do yearly inspections to make sure our tenants are being responsible in the homes. We really do not have to do anything, it is all done for us. If an issue comes up, they are so good to resolve it. We are always kept in the loop, but never involved. Every month the bookkeeper does direct deposit in our account and sends us our statements. We Love A&A Property Management and would recommend them to everyone!!” – J.C.